Here are the games I have designed!

Hoot Chop

Hoot Chop is a 1-on-1 quick ninja chop game. Test your speed and reaction versus a friend on the same device.



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Hoot Hopper

Hoot Hopper is stuck in his protective bubble. Bounce him home!

Hoot Hopper is a bouncing ball of cuteness that needs to get home! Hoot has gotten sick so he needs to stay safe and healthy in his bubble. He can’t fly home but he can hop! With the simple left and right controls, guide Hoot through challenging levels and fun owl parkour!

* 30 Unlockable Levels!
* Simple Left/Right controls!
* Reset-able game feature!
* Saved Progress!
* Fast-paced Hoot Hopping action!

screenshot-01 screenshot-02

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