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  1. Hi,
    playing your Mods is real fun. Good work!
    I have a question on your Coop-Mod for Far cry.
    I want to make a map for COOP. What is diffrent to a FFA Map?
    How do I have name the Tag points for the players?
    Do I build the map as it would be a single player, just having more Tag points for more players to join or whats the way to work on a COOP-Map.
    Is there any tutorial? I couldn’t find any…
    hope you still are active


    Gerald Kielhorn

  2. I am still currently working on the mod and will release a tutorial on how to use mod my mod for coop mapping. Your map should be structured to be a single player but more difficult for multi player. Plan out the spawning and approach of the players as well as the placement of the AI

  3. Found out yesterday, that you can insert extra weapons in sandbox if the MOD was loaded via FCML. The nice thing apart from other mods is that you can actually use them after being picked up. No skripting required

  4. Hi!
    Your mod is super. FarCry is need the coop option u are made for it.
    Its make the game more intresting when u can play someone else in a team against the AI hordes LoL.

    I hope the new version is out soon.
    Good work man ,good work.
    I give u 10 points from 10 .
    I going up to the site, i need some help becouse the editor damaging the maps.Maybee i find some clues there.

  5. Hi,
    congratulations – great work! I really enjoyed playing FarCry Coop with my friends. Is the Coop Campaign actually finished, I mean all maps and levels? In the summary of the mod page I found a listing saying that it’s finished only up to Steam.
    Do you have an easy accessible account (i.e. paypal) to leave you a small donation for your effort?
    Greetings from Germany, Frank

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