I’m Jackie Siu. Highly-motivated and well rounded game designer committed to pursuing a career in Environmental Modeling and Level Design. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Game Arts at Mt. Sierra College. My passion and desire is for creating game level designs and 3D game environments.


Pursuit of growth and indulgence as an artist.


– Highly-motivated for constant advancement, knowledge, innovative problem solving, and experimentation
– Great passion in content creation and development for video games and entertainment
– Experienced team player, moderator, and responsible under crunch time
– Strong understanding of 3D modeling, texturing, and optimization for game engines

  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Unity
  • Unreal Development Kit
  • Cry Engine Sandbox
  • Source Hammer Editor
  • C++, PHP, LUA
Job Experience
Web Designer, Graphic Artist, & 3D Artist | IGH Global Corp. | April 2012 – Present

– Design and develop E-commerce platforms to improve data-flow and efficiency
– Advised improvements, construction for retail, wholesale, and drop ship platforms
– Generated 3-dimensional trade show booth designs and layouts.

3D Designer | Containment Field | September 2011-April 2012

– Created high poly, modeled, unwrapped, and textured props for team projects
– Directed and developed post production, lighting, and rendering

Environmental Designer | EON Reality | February 2011-September 2011

– Provided technical support and advised fellow team members on projects while maintaining strict deadlines
– Created model proposals for clients, reviewing the vision, project, and problem before execution
– Optimized final team projects, reducing poly counts and file size

Product QA Tester | DDR Game | June 2009-June 2010

– Ensured Hyperkin game products were polished and complete for customer and client approval

Marketing & Operations Manager | North Shore Hawaiian BBQ | July 2008 – February 2011

– Enhanced marketing strategy , designed layouts and graphics for menu specials, banners, advertisements, and events
– Co-implemented improvements to operations and efficiency
– Reinforced employee responsibilities and discipline during high-traffic business hours

Far Cry | Assault Coop Mod

Assault Coop is a coop mod that started back in 2005 and become well known in the Far Cry community. With over 40,000 downloads, Assault Coop  features 25+ custom created maps and 22+ scripted entities. It is one of the few working coop mods for Far Cry. Grew knowledge in singleplayer, multiplayer, and coop mapping techniques. Gained experience in AI setup and navigation.

Far Cry | Fort Ambush Mod

Fort Ambush is a multiplayer mod that put players against waves and waves of monsters defending the objective. Players must advance through tough enemy resistance and capture the bases. The mod has achieved over 2,000 downloads.

Far Cry | Black Hawk Down Mod

Black Hawk Down Mod is a survival/coop mod based off the popular crash site scene in the movie Black Hawk Down. Players are put up against ruthless enemies that raid in great numbers and fierce gunfire. Their objective is to take over the helicopter while the players must defend it. Over 3,000 downloads were recorded.

Far Cry | ZDR Mod

Zombies, Drugs, and Rock n roll. This mod was build in 48 hours for the world wide event Global Game Jam 2010.  The player controls a master overlord zombie who can infect innocent civilians to build his horde of mindless drugged zombies.

Left 4 Dead | Left 4 Teletubbies Mod

Left 4 Teletubbies is a zombie conversion mod that changes the blood thirsty zombies into horrible blood craving teletubby zombies.

Far Cry Multiplayer Mod | December 2006
Assault Coop Mod

Assault Coop version 1.0 was published in the demo CD in British PC Magazine. The mod was known for being one of the first working mods for coop in the popular Far Cry by Crytek.

Far Cry Innovative Map | March 2008
Swarm Map

Swarm is a survival/coop map that was featured in the French Gamer Zone Magazine. The map was known for allowing players to customize the number of oncoming monsters raiding the human camp site.

Left 4 Dead Mod | September 2009
Left 4 Teletubbies Mod

Left 4 Teletubbies went viral with over 800,000 views on Youtube, over 200,000 downloads, and was featured on G4 Attack of the Show.

Mt. Sierra College, Monrovia, CA | July 2007 – June 2010
Bachelor of Arts in Game Arts and Design

Relevant Coursework: Environment, Character, and Prop Modeling, C++, Animation, Level Design, Lighting, Texturing

Cell: (626)318-3296
Resume: download
Environmental Modeling Portfolio: download
Level Design Portfolio: download

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  1. Hi Jackie,

    I’m listed on as Jackette and I’m an absolute technical NOOB which means I know nothing about modding.

    I’m trying to learn and implement my first mod for Far Cry 1. In looking through old post to see if I could find anything helpful I found one on creating sharks in the game. I’d like to be able to make them to actually be on Jack’s and Val’s side so that they attack only their enemies when they’re lured to the water. Is this possible?

    Any advice would be much appreciated, also if I have any other questions, may I ask you? I won’t be too bothersome I promise.



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